Victor Salvi Birth Centennial Album Available on Digital Platforms

The classical music collection dedicated to the centenary of the birth of Victor Salvi (1920-2020) is now available on digital platforms.

Practice, Practice, Practice.” With this incitement Victor Salvi used to encourage young harpists. Passion and talent are the starting point in approaching any form of art, music in particular, but it is equally true that alone they are not enough: it takes self-sacrifice, perseverance, sacrifice and a lot of application. Classically, practice is the best teacher, that imperative so essential that it was repeated three times by the creator of the harps built in Piasco.

In the year of the centenary of his birth, these words still continue to echo every time you come into contact with an instrument bearing the name Salvi Harps, transforming into a real rule of life, not only linked to art.