imgIn New York, with the help of some craftsmen, Victor Salvi aims to create a harp that exceeds all others in existence in quality of sound and manufacture. He expands his range, always building the best harps and soon the results prove him right.


In 1955, he moved to Italy and founded his company in a beautiful location in Genoa. It is the sixteenth century Villa Maria: the reference point for musicians, interested in a line of revolutionary new harps: Salvi Harps.

It will not be long before Victor realizes that the most fertile territory for his project is located just to the North, in the marquisate of Saluzzo. The next location will be registered in the province of Cuneo, with the final one in Piasco, at the mouth of the Val Varaita, in a part of the Piedmont region which boasts a glorious and ancient tradition of wood craftsmanship: here you will find master carpenters, sculptors, engravers and hand-carvers. The ideal ground for a product like the harp, which needs to be created with precision, art, love and passion.