Celebrated harps such as the Diana, Minerva and Iris, real milestones in the history of this instrument, have been re-designed preserving their charm, while increasing their resonance.

The work on materials, finishes, on the soundboards, on the soundboxes, on the mechanism is measured in quality, strength, endurance and especially in decibels. At one time the harp was played in small rooms. The resonance was adequate. Now playing in auditoriums, the volume should match.

With the experience of luthiers and a unique research and development in the world of the harp, Salvi Harps make absolute precision instruments, putting technology at the service of tradition and craftsmanship.

Business strategies not only pertain to the product. The group structure provides for precise positioning of different brands and their collections, while commercial sales are in an advanced state of studying initiatives to carry and spread the culture of the harp past the traditional boundaries of America and Europe, including through a reorganization of the distribution system.

Choosing a Salvi harp then does not only mean relying on a world class product; it signifies having the means to grow your own music. Total commitment, to assert an exclusive relationship with harpists from around the world, from young talents to established professionals. In other words: pure harmony.