A family passion

It is natural to associate the harp with the name Salvi, a reference point for musicians since the mid-1900s. The story of Salvi Harps starts in the early 19th century in Vincenza with Giranimo Salvi giving his name and starting what would become one of the leading harp brands in the world.

The family tradition continues with his son Rodolfo, who transfers the business first to Venice, then to America, where he raised five children, of which: Albert, who will be defined by Nicanor Zabaleta as “the greatest harp player of all time,” Aida who will become a composer and harpist of the Chicago Opera. And Victor, who will become harpist of the New York Philharmonic and the NBC Orchestra directed by Arturo Toscanini. George Szell, Pierre Monteux, Dimitri Mitropoulos and Victor de Sabata.

For Victor Salvi, playing at the highest level is not enough. Soon, his artistic passion merges with that of enterprise and brings him to assume the responsibility to continue the family business. His dream is to create the best harp in the world and make the instrument more accessible to harpists and to the widest possible audience.