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A special thanks to nature which provides the essential instrument for the realization of the harps. The hard maple from Canada is selected to ensure strength and stability. For the soundboard the best spruce is used from the forests of Val di Fiemme in Trentino, Italy, the same wood with which Antonio Stradivari built his insurmountable violins. The neck is made of Beech and Maple that provides high resistance to twisting and helps defend the instrument from string tension and maintain tuning.

The force of innovation

The power of innovation

The perfect mix between nature and technology is the foundation of quality at Salvi Harps. The rigorous selection of wood is matched with ongoing research to ensure maximum design, ergonomics and sound performance.

Moreover, innovation is a tradition for Salvi: in 1974, they created the first electric pedal harp solid body. Salvi was the first to introduce an aluminum column covered in wood. Salvi’s innovations are characterizing the professional market as well as the entry level range. New products, innovative, even revolutionary, constitute the present and the future of this instrument.

Respect for tradition

Respect for tradition

The lessons of Victor Salvi are more relevant than ever inside the laboratories of Piasco. Technology, innovation and performance are fundamental, but expected with the harp, Salvi designs and builds mainly with through the heart.

The artisanal passion, the smell of wood running between the hands, the astonishment and wonder at seeing the instrument taking shape, consistency, personality. It is much more than just a job: it is a unique experience, to share with all those who love the harp.