Salvi Harps Welcome Kit

We are excited to introduce the new Welcome Kit from Salvi Harps, specially designed for our customers.

This kit includes essential accessories for your instrument: an ergonomic tuning key for precise and comfortable tuning, string cutters, two replacement pedal covers, and a convenient carrying bag. But that’s not all!

The kit also contains the Salvi Harps Warranty Card. This card includes a QR code that enables you to register your harp and activate the conventional Salvi warranty. Registering is an essential step to take advantage of our extended warranty, which provides additional coverage beyond the standard legal guarantee.

The Welcome Kit is provided directly by Salvi Harps at the time of purchase and through our authorized dealers. If you did not receive the Kit at the time of purchase from a dealer, please be aware that you are entitled to request it in order to activate the conventional warranty on your instrument