Soon in the best theatres.

On the occasion of 13th World Harp Congress, Salvi Harps will present a range of completely new harps enhanced by some important innovation, created expressly to capture the world market’s interest. Leading the way to Asia is the latest outstanding jewel produced by the factory in Piasco: Diva.
The result of a long technological and design research it is an instrument in which the encounter between external beauty and constructive avant-garde reaches the pinnacle of perfection. Its impacting beauty is paired by cutting-edge studies by Salvi Harps’s research and development department: from the adopted engineering solutions to applications which have been the company’s hallmark for years.
The objective is presenting a harp capable of satisfying the qualitative needs of a public seeking a product of great innovation that is also supported by a glorious tradition in harpmaking. From 7th July, musicians, enthusiasts and buyers will be able to meet this new creature, born, as every “diva” worthy of the name, to leave a mark in the firmament of harps.