Lyon & Healy/Salvi Technicians Guild Meeting, April 2023

The Lyon & Healy/Salvi Technicians Guild convened in Chicago for the seventh Meeting for Regulators in late April, along with the research and development and technical departments, and senior management of Salvi Harps and Lyon & Healy Harps.

The agenda included technical updates and hands-on demonstrations of both typical and unusual repairs that regulators may encounter.  The environment was an open forum, in which technicians share their different approaches and techniques to problem-solving on the road.

To maintain the level of skilled craftsmanship throughout the life of each Lyon & Healy and Salvi harp, the companies created the Lyon & Healy/Salvi Technicians Guild to establish a standard of service. All Guild Members have a thorough understanding of the instrument plus knowledge of all the technical aspects needed by regulators.

The first meeting was hosted in 2006, and this year the Guild was pleased to welcome a number of new members to their first interactive meeting, as both companies train individuals with a serious interest in a regulation career, which can take up to a year.  “It is important to continue training new technicians, to ensure our customers are satisfied with the ongoing performance of their instruments” said Marco Salvi, President, Salvi Harps and Lyon & Healy Harps. “These meetings provide a chance for technicians to expand their knowledge base and create a camaraderie amongst each other, while also providing us an opportunity to learn from their firsthand experiences working with our customers.”

The Lyon & Healy/Salvi Technicians Guild makes it easy for harpists to identify which technicians are trained and authorized to work on their instruments.  The Guild’s website,, allows visitors to narrow their search geographically and use a simple form to contact all members.

Pictured front row, L to R: Ryan Skelly, Florian Branschke, Jacek Sojka, Danielle Williams, Anthony Rangle, Marco Bertola, Karen Rokos, David Kolacny, Liza Moss, Steve Moss, Jennifer Ruggieri; middle row: Enzo Vizzone, Giorgio Peirano, Simonas Simulas, Hilmar Gusik, Peter Speziali, Diego Souza Gomes da Cruz Costa, Billy Yaros, Jason Azem, Shoichiro Takiguchi, Steve Hartman, Nancy O’Brien, Manuel Gamalinda, Billy Hornby, Juno Lin, Marco Salvi; back row: Gabriel Diaz, Tam Man Kit, Gabriele Busso, Joel Chumil-Coz, Davide Rosso, Cheryl Rotundo, Davide Arduino, Peter Wiley, Yasunobu Kurata, Masahisa Shimoda, Andrea Ventura, Antoni Gralak, Joanne Baee, Rocco D’Andretta, Natalie Man, Mauricio Medina, Yanet Serna, John Papadolias, Brad Hornby.