Electra – Custom


The new Salvi Electra features  individual string pickups plus a 48th pickup for the soundboard itself.  The electronics of the Electra then takes care of mixing the strings for a faithful listening experience across all the harp’s range.  The natural, clean sound from each string is transmitted from one output from the harp through the Electra’s interface, which may be sent to a mixer, to a sound engineer or simply to a personal amplifier. With the Custom version, one can choose the finish, veneer, soundboard decoration, gilding and plating of the mechanical parts (price will vary).

Technical Details


Height: 185 cm / 73”

Width: 99 cm / 39”


38,6 kg

85 lbs

soundboard width

55 cm

21 1/2”


47 strings

0 Oct. G - 7th Oct. C


Fiemme Valley red spruce


Various customization options available