In the year of the European Capital of Culture, Salvi and Lyon & Healy harps arrive in Matera from 18 to 20 October for HARP MATER(a), three days of concerts, meetings, master classes and an instrument exhibition in one of the most beautiful cities in Southern Italy. The name chosen for the event has a strong symbolic significance given that the story of Victor Salvi is profoundly linked to the Region of Basilicata: his mother Apollonia was a Viggianese and precisely in Viggiano, a town made famous for its tradition of street musicians that included harpists, she married his father Rodolfo. The Salvi family’s musical and personal roots have thus extended from here to Piedmont and Chicago, where the two brands that will be celebrated have established themselves.


FRIDAY OCTOBER 18 – “Tommaso Stigliani” Library piazza Vittorio Veneto
18.00 Concert dedicated to the memory of Prof. Annamaria Manicone – with Prof. Annunziata Del Popolo, professor of the Conservatory of Matera; Prof. Michele Bozzi, flute – teacher of flute, Conservatory of Bari; Prof. Claudio Carmelo Andriani, viola and violin – teacher of violin, Conservatory of Matera; Prof. Maya Martini, harp – teacher of harp, Liceo di Airola, and Prof. Anna Claudia Scammacca, harp – teacher of harmony, Conservatory of Matera

SATURDAY 19 OCTOBER – “Tommaso Stigliani” Library, Piazza Vittorio Veneto
Exhibition: “The Viggianesi” Itinerant Musicians and Great Harp Virtuosos from Southern Italy. From the Artistic Neapolitan Nativities to the Salvi Family. – Curated by Maria Lucia Marsicovetere and Sara Simari
10.30 am The Neapolitan School of Harp between 800 and 900: The Contribution of Lucanian Harpists – Seminar of Prof. Sara Simari, teacher of harp, Conservatory of Bari
17,00 Concert by the “Futura di Cuneo” Orchestra of Cuneo by Prof. Valentina Meinero
19.30 Concert by the international artist Alisa Sadikova at the Concert Hall of Palazzo Viceconte

SUNDAY OCTOBER 20 – “Tommaso Stigliani” Library, Piazza Vittorio Veneto
10.30 am First Aid Course for Harp Maintenance – Technical meeting by Lyon & Healy/Salvi Technicians Guild
17,00 Closing gala – exhibition of the best students of the Conservatories of Matera, Potenza, Foggia, Bari, Taranto, Benevento.