The quality of sound of Salvi harps is assured by strict quality control testing ahead of delivery to our customers.

The structure of the harp is produced with different types of wood, chosen for their natural and physical properties. Different parts of the instrument: column, neck, base, sounding board are made of different species of wood. Therefore, these woods respond to environmental conditions in which the harp will be placed. In particular we recommend to avoid exposing the harp to direct sunlight, to prevent premature aging of the wood or damage the varnish. The optimum relative humidity is 50% (±15%). The temperature of 20° is optimal. It is always advisable to cover the instrument with the dust cover provided.

The complexity of mechanical parts requires a proper maintenance schedule to ensure optimal performance.

It is highly recommended to review the downloadable guide in pdf. It contains the exact nomenclature of all parts of the harp, so that you can communicate with us, if necessary, using the exact jargon.

We like to think that the harp will be treated with the same care and the same love with which was created in our factory.

Download the Guide

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