Always in the Spotlight.

Shortly after walking the red carpet of the Hong Kong World Harp Congress and winning the favour of attendees, the Diva is finally available on the world market.  The elegance of her figure emulates the shape of a Calla Lily ready to blossom. Her embossed design evoking movement, the Diva has been designed to permanently keep the spotlight shining on her.  Designed to hover in the air, in contrast to the static nature of tradition, it is a design harp, destined to meet contemporary taste.
The Diva features nickel-plated hardware and a dark blue colour with platinum lines, and built with a new manufacturing technique called One Stage (Italian “Monstadio”) that has led to significant acoustic advances. This instrument challenges all the rules because its beauty is about asymmetry and out talented craftspeople had to solve stylistic and technical hazard for such innovative architecture. But that is taken for granted as we are talking about a Diva.

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